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Your charms come together beautifully to tell your unique story.

Your charms come together beautifully to tell your unique story.
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  • United Kingdom Flag Charm
    NZ$52.95 NZ$95.00
  • Happy Kingfisher
    NZ$51.95 NZ$97.00
  • Elegant Flamingo
    NZ$51.95 NZ$97.00
    sold out
  • Lonely Parrot
    NZ$41.95 NZ$97.00
  • Love is in the Air
    NZ$36.95 NZ$97.00
  • France Flag Charm
    NZ$52.95 NZ$95.00
  • Italy Flag Charm
    NZ$52.95 NZ$95.00
  • United States Flag Charm
    NZ$52.95 NZ$95.00
  • Passport Pendant
    NZ$36.95 NZ$88.00
  • Gold "Love" Heart Pendant
    NZ$39.95 NZ$95.00
    Top Seller
  • Love Heart Mom Crystal Paved Charm
    NZ$38.95 NZ$95.00
  • Best Mother Forever Friend Pendant
    NZ$66.95 NZ$147.00
  • Little Druck By the Seaside
    NZ$27.99 NZ$88.00
  • Vienna Seahorse
    NZ$22.99 NZ$80.00
  • Rose Gold Butterfly Dream Pendant
    NZ$39.95 NZ$85.00
  • Elf
    NZ$44.95 NZ$79.00
  • Princess Crown Pendant
    NZ$35.95 NZ$88.00
    Top Seller
  • Eiffel's Love Charm
    NZ$52.95 NZ$88.00
  • Masquerade dangle charm
    NZ$33.95 NZ$88.00
  • Eiffel Tower dangle charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$105.00
  • Magic lamp dangle charm
    NZ$45.95 NZ$104.00
  • "Dream" balloon bear dangle charm
    NZ$38.95 NZ$98.00
    Top Seller
  • Christmas bell charm
    NZ$35.95 NZ$92.00
  • "Love is kind" wedding rings dangle charm
    NZ$30.95 NZ$107.00
  • Eternal Love Ring Charm
    NZ$30.95 NZ$66.00
    Top Seller
  • Mother & Daughter Heart Charms
    NZ$47.95 NZ$100.00
    Top Seller
  • Love My Family Pendant
    NZ$35.95 NZ$63.00
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