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  • "Love" silver and gold openwork heart charm
    NZ$36.95 NZ$86.00
  • Las Vegas charm
    NZ$30.95 NZ$107.00
  • Heart lock and key gold and silver dangle charm
    NZ$14.99 NZ$82.00
  • Silver and gold bud openwork large charm
    NZ$55.95 NZ$107.00
  • Angular Heart Flower Charm
    NZ$39.95 NZ$120.00
  • Memorable Charm Pink Heart
    NZ$36.95 NZ$73.00
  • Eiffel's Love Charm
    NZ$29.99 NZ$88.00
  • "Family Tree" openwork charm
    NZ$27.95 NZ$67.00
  • Bright Clear paved crystal charm
    NZ$29.99 NZ$94.00
  • Bright Magenta paved crystal heart charm
    NZ$36.95 NZ$94.00
  • Four Leaf Clover Rose Gold Charm
    NZ$36.95 NZ$88.00
  • Heart to Heart Pink Crystal Charm
    NZ$39.95 NZ$95.00
  • Princess Crown Pendant
    NZ$35.95 NZ$88.00
    sold out
  • Gold "Love" Heart Pendant
    NZ$39.95 NZ$95.00
  • Love Heart Mom Crystal Paved Charm
    NZ$19.99 NZ$95.00
  • Bouquet for Mom Charm
    NZ$36.95 NZ$95.00
  • Pet Paw Print Heart Openwork Photo Charm
    NZ$36.95 NZ$85.00
  • Memorable Charms White Heart
    NZ$36.95 NZ$73.00
  • Red and blue heart openwork charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$82.00
  • Arc de Triomphe
    NZ$29.99 NZ$114.00
  • Eiffel Tower dangle charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$105.00
  • Magic lamp dangle charm
    NZ$45.95 NZ$104.00
  • Encrusted openwork crown charm
    NZ$64.95 NZ$145.00
    sold out
  • "Dream" balloon bear dangle charm
    NZ$38.95 NZ$98.00
  • April Birthstone-Clear paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
  • November Birthstone-Yellow paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
  • January Birthstone-Emerald red paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
  • June Birthstone-Emerald pink paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
  • July Birthstone-Bright Magenta paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
  • October Birthstone-Magenta paved crystal charm
    NZ$44.95 NZ$89.00
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